The Many Faces of the Chrysanthemum

When you think of fall, visions of brightly coloured chrysanthemums top the list for bringing colour to the house and yard. Fall is awash with these flowers in glorious reds, burnt oranges, pretty yellows and russet browns, all colours just waiting for you to bring them home. Why not take a few minutes now to find out why the chrysanthemum is such a dearly loved flower.

Chrysanthemum – a virtuous history

chrysanthemumsThe mum, short for chrysanthemum, is related to the daisy and is one of the most popular flowers of all time, second only to the rose. It was first planted in China nearly three thousand years ago and is much loved throughout Chinese culture for its ability to withstand frost while blooming cheerfully in many bright colours.

In China, the chrysanthemum is considered one of the Four Gentlemen, sometimes referred to as the Four Noble Ones. Each of the Four Gentlemen represents a season in Chinese art, as well as a specific virtue. Since the chrysanthemum blooms gaily in the chill autumn air and heralds the coming of winter, its virtue is the ability to withstand all adversity. The chrysanthemum has been appearing in Chinese art for centuries.

Luckily, chrysanthemums came to the United States in the nineteen century and are here to stay. In fact, in 1961, Chicago named the chrysanthemum their official flower.

Mums Colours

Sometime in August, colourful mums begin replacing summer greenery and annual flowers in garden centres and other stores. Mums come in a plethora of fall shades that include bronzes, russets, yellows, purples and just about every colour in-between, except blue. Mums can be single or double. Chrysanthemums grown in a greenhouse can be bi-coloured and come in colours like lime green. Nothing brings vibrant fall colours into a wedding like mums.

Mums Petals

Not only do mums come in an assortment of colours, their petals come in varieties, too. Some have decorative petals that curve inward toward the centre while some have re-flexed petals that curve downward. Mums grown in a greenhouse produce giant pompom mums, and mums with spidery petals that can reach lengths up to six inches.

chrysanthemums 2One strange fact about the mum is that each blossom is comprised of hundreds of flowers, because each petal is considered a ray flower and each tiny bump in the centre of the blossom is the top of a disk flower. Each of these rays and disk flowers has both male and female parts. Mums have been categorized into groups based on different arrangements of each plants ray and disk flowers. A few categories are:

  • Anemone – Single, flat petals of more than one row. Raised centre is usually darker than the petals.
  • Button – Profusion of small heads in clusters.
  • Daisy – Daisy-like petals.
  • Decorative – Tightly packed centre with broad, overlapping petals.
  • Pompom – Small, tightly packed petals in a globe shape.
  • Quill – Tubular ray flowers radiating outward from the centre.
  • Spider – Long, spidery looking petals that radiate in all directions.
  • Spoon – Looks like a daisy. Every petal tip appears spoon shaped.

Chrysanthemum-greenCooking with Chrysanthemums

Make sure you have the edible chrysanthemum greens and not foliage from ornamental mums. Look in Asian markets for chrysanthemum greens and use in soups, stir-fried meals and stews. Parboil for twenty to thirty seconds and let cool to use in a salad with sesame dressing. Overcooking chrysanthemum leaves makes them bitter. Lower the heat and briefly cook until a tangy taste is achieved.

Medicinal and other properties of Chrysanthemums

Another way to use chrysanthemums is to make a tea from yellow flowers. Add a little sugar and you have a nice, cooling drink that also has medicinal properties. It may help with headaches and dizziness and studies indicate the tea may help bring down high blood pressure.

Chrysanthemum tea is used in traditional Chinese medicine to clear congestion in the head and strengthen the lungs. Drinking this tea with a meal aids in digestion. Another way to use chrysanthemum flowers is to use fresh white flowers on your eyes to clear up itching and it is said the tea helps get counter the effect of low levels of radiation that are emitted from computer screens.

Another benefit chrysanthemums offer is pyrenthrum, a chemical that repels bugs, improves blood flow and reduces varicose veins.


chrysanthemums 3The chrysanthemum is said to be the bearer of joy and happiness. It stands for positive virtues like cheerfulness, optimism, abundance and wealth, so is it any wonder that a happy home is one filled with chrysanthemums?

Overall, chrysanthemums are considered to be the symbol of long life and perfection. The Japanese believe chrysanthemums symbolize the sun and believe the flower is the epitome of perfection in the way it unfolds its petals.

Red mums symbolize love, of course, while white mums are considered messages of loyal love. Lastly, in the love department, yellow mums are a symbol of jilted or slighted love. Mums are the flower associated with being born in November and they are the thirteenth wedding anniversary flower.

One final note: legend and lore has it that if you put a petal of this most celebrated flower in the bottom of your wine glass before you pour, the powers that be will move heaven and earth to bring you a long, healthy life.

Flowers for a Victorian Era Atmosphere

The Victorian Era evokes feelings of timelessness, elegance, and great romance—it’s not hard to see why brides want to emulate this period by incorporating Victorian elements into their ceremony. An easy way to do this is to use flowers because flowers had powerful meanings for Victorians, who would relay feelings they could not speak of to their lovers by using specific flowers to communicate for them when words could not. A shy young man might present the object of his longings with a bouquet of purple violets, which indicated that the giver was occupied with thoughts of love about the recipient. Flowers could also have negative connotations; for example, if you want to underhandedly insult Victorian-style someone, present them with aloe, which symbolized bitterness.

victorian era floral arr 2What then would be the floral options a Victorian would find suitable for a wedding? Myrtle would definitely be included, as it symbolized good luck and love in marriage. Tulips, which meant “passion,” and wallflowers, which meant “faithfulness in adversity,” would also be likely candidates, as they would demonstrate the feelings and commitment of the bride and groom. Roses, of course, would be included, symbolizing love. Daffodils, relaying “new beginnings,” might be chosen to represent the new beginning of this chapter of the newly-wed’s lives. Orchids, to symbolize true love, and orange blossoms, to represent purity and the bearing of many children, are also sure to have been considered. Mums, said to guarantee wealth, are always a good choice for the less-affluent couple. Additionally, if you want to make a statement about your purity and innocence, mix together freesias and gardenias, which represent the aforementioned qualities. Each flower had very specific meanings to Victorians, so if you’re looking to say something with your bouquet or flower arrangements, checking out guides on the subject is a good place to start if you want to conduct more in-depth research.

victorian era floral arr 3To complement the Victorian appeal of your flower choices, arrange them as a tussie-mussie or nosegay, a small, round bouquet favored by Victorians. Don’t neglect how you dress your flowers–be sure to add other elements reminiscent of Victorian society. Lace was wildly popular, so perhaps tie your bouquet with a lace ribbon and use lace as an accent piece on your dress. Your flower arrangements should be held in fine china and antique (or antique-looking) vases. For table settings, use china teacups to hold flowers as a creative alternative to traditional vases. Surround the blooms with lace and silk and incorporate old family heirlooms into your design to bring a personal touch to your special day. For example, you could display older wedding photos of your grandparents or great-grandparents—they might not be Victorian but they will add a touch of antiquity and quaintness to your Victorian theme.

victorian era floral arrA Victorian theme or style is the perfect choice for any bride dreaming of a day filled with elegance and the purity of romance in a bygone age. Choosing era-appropriate flowers is a very important part of creating the atmosphere of timelessness, for they are centrepieces that draw the eye to the features surrounding them. If classic romance is what you desire, always remember to think like a Victorian when selecting your flowers.

Gifting Flowers For A Baby Shower

baby shower flowersMuch like a flower that’s blooming for the very first time, a birth in the family is a joyous reminder of new beginnings. Your desire to commemorate the birth of a newborn child is completely natural, and here at Gebh Arts Floral, we aim to accommodate that desire of yours in the most natural way possible. The birth of a flower that radiates energy and youth, and because of our extremely wide catalogue of bouquets, we’re virtually guaranteed to have the right combination of flowers for yours or your loved one’s brand new bouncing bundle of joy. Sending birth flowers is easy with our legendary service. We work around the clock to provide aesthetically pleasing and striking flower arrangements to all looking for them in the land down under.

Everything and More

baby boy arrangementWe don’t just stuff flowers in bag and ship them off to you saying “good luck”. When you order from our website, you aren’t just simply getting flowers for someone you know, you’re getting a gift for somebody that you care about; for that reason, we invest time into making every aspect of that gift a beauty to behold. An aspect of any bouquet is what it is being held in, and at Gebh Arts Floral, we make sure that the way your flowers are held are something that the one receiving them will enjoy. A massive part of any gift when it’s given to someone, besides what the gift actually is and what it means, is the way in which it is actually presented to the person that is receiving it. We at Gebh Arts Floral know that big things don’t only come in small packages, but beautiful packages too. Florists use baskets, boxes and containers that will fit in right at home anywhere that the recipient wants to have them placed. We spare no expense in making sure that you are provided with absolutely everything you need to bring home the message that you care about the wondrous occasion of your giftee’s newborn joy. From subtle glass containers to great, voluminous baskets, we spare no expense in making sure that the flowers are cradled with the same security and warmth as your giftee will hopefully be holding their own newborn child.

How You Get It

If you want to send new baby flowers and gifts, you couldn’t be doing business with any company better suited to the task than we are. Florists deliver to hospitals and get your flowers to the maternity ward where the baby boy or baby girl has been born. Most florists provide service six days a week to just about everywhere in the country, and depending on what time of day that you order, that bouquet you see on the screen could be in the hands of your friends or loved ones on the same day.

Congratulate Your Loved Ones With Floral Arrangements

congratulations flowersDo you know someone graduating from university? Has one of your friends just landed their dream job? Did your sister get that promotion? Is your niece expecting a baby? There are countless reasons to congratulate your friends and family every day, but some of them stand out more than others. If you know a new graduate or an expecting mum, you might want to do a little bit more than just call them or pat them on the back. At Gebh Arts Floral, we can help you show that you care and are proud of your loved ones. We have a list of amazing designers ready to help you pick out and customize the perfect floral arrangement for the occasion. Let us help you send your Congratulatory flowers today!

Different Arrangements for Different Accomplishments

congratulations flowers 1We have a wide range of congratulatory arrangements for you to choose from. Let’s say your sister got that promotion, or your best buddy got the dream job. They call you up, excited and dizzy with anticipation of new responsibilities, better pay, and another step down the road toward success. You can’t drop everything, but you want to show them that you care, and you want to do it now. Good news! Our florists offer same day delivery for orders placed on-line by 2:00 pm Monday to Friday and by noon on Saturdays. You could have a basket with a congratulatory bottle of wine and a selection of cheeses sent over the same day that they tell you the great news. And it gets better. Lots of florists give you free delivery for orders placed on-line. So, while you’re still on the phone chatting about the exciting news, you can go ahead and place your order with is, and save some money at the same time.

If you’re sending a gift to an expectant family, you have a little bit more time – a few months, actually – to plan what you want to give them. Don’t wait around forever, though, or the baby will have graduated from high school before you get that gift in the mail. Check out some of our balloon and stuffed toy arrangements to welcome a newborn into the world. Of course, the balloons will be long gone before Junior comes home, but your expecting parents will love them, and the toy can be one of the first their child plays with. You don’t want to make the mistake of only giving a gift to the baby, though. You should, at this incredibly important moment, take some time to appreciate and congratulate the mum-to-be. That’s where we step in again with Congratulations flower delivery. She’s about to go through nine months of everyone doting on her but thinking about nothing but her baby. Show her that you care for her, too, on her own.

Whatever the occasion for congratulations, we have an arrangement for you. Let us help you show how much you care and how very proud you are of your loved ones and their accomplishments. Read our articles about floral arrangements today.

Finding Floral Gifts for Christmas

christmas flowers 2Are you having trouble finding a great Christmas gift for someone? Are you looking for a gift that is unique and out of the ordinary? Christmas is a special time of the year; people give and receive gifts from friends, family members, and even acquaintances. Of course, you want to give a great gift that shows that you care; as well, you also want the gift to be creative. If you are having trouble finding the right gift for someone then you should consider giving flower arrangements as Christmas gifts. They make great gifts for mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and any person who likes beautiful flowers. Flowers can add life to any room that you put them in. They look great in the living room, on the dining room table, in the foyer, and in the kitchen. In addition, they add a natural, organic quality to the surrounding area. After all, they are all-natural and organic. As well, they come in many colours and species; they also smell nice. Who does not want that? It goes without saying that flowers offer a lot of versatility and possibilities.

christmas flowersAnother reason to consider flower arrangements as Christmas gifts is that you can just make a call and let someone else handle the rest of the work. After all, Christmas time is a nice time of the year; however, it is also a very busy and hectic time of the year. It is nice to be able to save some time and energy, as well as avoid the Christmas rush. Flower arrangements can provide that opportunity. The florist will put together a beautiful flower arrangement that is based on your preferences. Afterwards, he or she will send the flowers to the address that you give him or her. As well, you can add a special message to your flowers to give your gift a personal touch. However, with other gifts, there is usually a lot more work involved. You have to go to the store and pick it out. Afterwards, you have to wait in a very long line in order to purchase the gift. After that, you have to take it home and wrap it. Of course, this is assuming that the store has the item that you need. If the store does not have the item then you have to go through the same process at another store. Needless to say, that can be very time-consuming. Unfortunately, everyone cannot spare the time that is need to perform those tasks. Therefore, flower arrangements are the next best option.

Christmas BouquetWhen all is said and done, a flower arrangement makes a great Christmas gift. After all, flowers smell great, which can improve the
aroma of any room. They are also bright and colourful, which can help add more style and flare to any room that you or anyone places them in. As well, it goes without say that Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Part of the reason that it is so wonderful is because people put their generosity into action by giving gifts to the people that they care about. After all, it is better to give a gift than it is to receive a gift. Therefore, give that special person a flower arrangement to show him or her how much you care. By the way, if you have any questions about floral gifts for Christmas then you ought to talk with our florists. We can answer any questions that you may have. As well, he or she can help you pick out the right flower arrangement for that special person. Christmas is a truly beautiful time of year; let flower arrangements add more beauty to it.

Your Local Florist, the Key to a Beautiful Bouquet

Is it a birthday? A surprise show of affection to your significant other? It could be a baby shower, bridal bouquet or just a wonderful way to cheer up a neighbour who’s feeling under the weather. Perhaps there’s an event you would love to attend, but it’s just not going happen. There are all times when we need to send flowers.

Bright flower bouquet in basket isolated over white backgroundA very few of us have the necessary garden resources (and talents) to put together a flower arrangement worth sending! That’s where our local florist comes in. He or she can help us choose an appropriate floral arrangement that suits our budget and is sure to impress the receiver. Is the bouquet a gift for a mother or a lover? Different flowers and colours send different messages. Equally important is ensuring that the flowers arrive on time and in pristine condition.

Sadly, sometimes we need to send a floral arrangement to console our friends and family when we lose a loved one. In this situation, an understated, conservative arrangement is far more appropriate than a dozen red roses. White flowers traditionally make up a large proportion of a funeral wreath or bouquet. Perhaps you wish to personalize the wreath, and include a small memento. Maybe your friend had a soft spot for sunflowers? Why not include them? Your local florist will work with you, on a one on one basis, to make sure your sympathy floral arrangement is received and remembered.

flowers arranged in vaseIn our increasingly multicultural societies, we will be sending floral arrangements to our Asian business clients and friends. You may not know (but your florist probably does!) that flowers (or anything else) should never be sent in sets of four. The number four (when spoken or written) is very much like the word for death in China and Japan. Sending flowers in fours is believed to bring bad luck.

Similarly, sending white flowers is a serious faux-pas. White is a colour that Asians often associate with funerals. Never send white flowers to an Asian friend who is recovering from illness. It’s almost as if you were wishing them dead! Red is always a good choice. It brings prosperity, and does not necessarily have romantic overtones as it does in Australia.

Your local florist often has decades of experience sending and receiving orders for flowers from all over the world. She or he will know that lucky bamboo (always alive!) is the perfect gift to an Asian friend or family starting a new business. In many situations, cut flowers are not appropriate at all. A knowledgeable florist will suggest a live flower, perhaps an orchid. Gifts that are used for cutting, sharp,(and by extension flowers that have been cut) are bad luck to many Chinese who hold more traditional beliefs. The message such a gift sends is that the giver wants to sever or cut the relationship. Certainly not what you are trying to say!

Send Flowers Online; The Virtual Florist Option

flower courierIn recent years thousands of online florists and flower delivery services have popped up. Some offer discounted prices, “free” delivery and other offers that seem to good to be true. And as they say; “if it’s too good to be true, than its probably not. There are reputable online companies that can be helpful. There are at least as many that you should probably steer clear of.
They may have professional photos of spectacular floral arrangements on their website. One of the problems with online floral companies is that they rarely, if ever have any stock on hand to actually create the floral arrangements they are selling. Instead, they will use whatever flowers they can source last minute to put together your order. What you see when you send our flowers online may be very different from what the receiver actually gets.

Chances are your local florist has built up a relationship with many other local florists over the years. They know who can provide the level of service and premium products that they promise to source for their clients. They communicate directly with each other and they know what flowers are seasonal and available and what colours are in stock.

Looking to Buy Local? The Resources are Available

??????????????????If you’re lucky, you already have a favourite local florist that you know and trust. If not, you may need to do a little homework to find someone you’ll feel comfortable with. Word of mouth can provide some leads, or if you have time visit the shops in person to get a feel for the florist and the services they provide. Of course, you can “Google” your city with florist and turn up many leads. Beware that many of the results may in fact be ordering centres or businesses based elsewhere hoping to bump up their own sales. Take the time to call or visit in person.

Another option is to check the websites of florist’s associations. Collaborations between local florists have been formed to combat the onslaught of web-based service providers. These online companies may bill themselves as “virtual florists”, online florists or “floral order gathering firms”. Many local floral shops would like to see the use of “florist” prohibited by online companies that do not have physical shops and do not carry any stock. It’s been suggested that “floral marketing agencies” or “floral relay companies” would be a more accurate description of the services that these online entities provide.

The choice is yours when it comes time to purchase and or send flowers online. The internet can give us instant access to a world of options when it comes to sending floral arrangements to our friends and family. And when online shopping works, it works well. What is important to remember is how difficult it can be to track down the supplier of an item you’re dissatisfied with. A relationship built with a local florist means that it is his or her best interest to make sure you are well taken care of. In the unlikely event of a problem, you’ll have an address to go to and know the name of the person who you’ll want to speak to.